The idea of getting your first set of dentures can be very daunting. At Geoffrey Dominguez Denture Clinic, it's our goal to help you feel comfortable. All treatments are pain-free, so there's no need to feel anxious. We will look after you.

Our dental prosthetist, Geoffrey Dominguez graduated in 1987 with a trade certificate in Dental Prosthetics and has since up skilled to an Advanced Diploma in Dental Prosthetics and a Diploma in Dental Technology. Geoff knows the importance of staying on top of the latest advancements in cosmetic dentistry. In recent years, Geoff travelled to Japan for specialised training on lower suction effect impression techniques.

We understand each patient's circumstances are different, because of this we offer customised treatment plans.

We accept HICAPS for on-the-spot health fund claims. HICAPS is electronically linked to most major health funds and is able to pay your claim instantly. Geoffrey Dominguez Dental Prosthetist is recognised by all health funds and the Department of Veteran Affairs. We also accept OHFSS vouchers.

Eligible veterans can request transportation to and from dental appointments, as well as free relines and dentures. Contact us for more information. Click here for more information about the DVA.

Biofunctional Prosthetist System

At our clinic, we use the Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS) to find the right look, comfort and fit for every patient. With sophisticated instrumentation which records facial information, we are able to reproduce the individual traits of your smile and rebuild the natural shape of your lips and facial muscles that change when teeth are removed. The system also provides an optimal fit to reduce gum irritation and allows you to eat food comfortably and prevents the build up odour-causing bacteria.

We combine BPS with the Swiss Denture Concept, which is a series of precise functional impressions and jaw joint registrations. The process takes can take longer than average, so you will need to make a few more appointments than normal, but the final result will maximise comfort.

For advice and more information, visit our denture clinic located on Avoca Drive or call (02) 4369 5944.


Our Team

Dental Prosthetist
Geoff, AdvDipDP (Syd), DipDT (Syd)

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